Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Awe Italy !

Yes, thanks to one of my beautiful daughters I have a picture on my blog. This is me and hubby in Florence, seven years ago. I want to go back so bad! I am loving this weather ! The garden is tilled but not planted yet. At least I will have one planted this year. Yeah for more energy !

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Brian and Alissa Hansen said...

YEAH for more energy! I am so happy you are feeling better. Thanks to you I am able to gain some knowledge on things I can do to keep my body healthy and balanced. We need to visit Mary's Health soon so I can find a great multi. I love you so much and love and appreciate all you do for me. Thanks for giving your whole morning and afternoon to help me move into my classroom and treat me to lunch. (WEll I guess the nice/not too smart girl at Cafe Rio treated us... TWICE!) Your garden is planed now and looks great! I am hoping to gain some yummy veggies from it. LOVE YA!