Monday, March 30, 2015

The troll in my head!

I have not been at all well at keeping up with a blog. My problem, I am a perfectionist. It has to be a perfect blog post before I will send it out into the world. That needs to change. I am going to get real here. How dare me!

 This year I joined life book 2015, in hopes things would change. I am working a little bit more, but not posting my work.

 That stupid troll, the perfectionist!  I think I am going to name her, maybe paint an unflattering picture of her, shame her,  give her a place in my life so I can confront her and she will come out of the shadows in my head to fight fair.

 Or..... maybe I should love her, give her a hug, tell her she has a place in my life but needs to behave herself.  Either way she needs to be addressed. I have lived in limbo dealing with her long enough! She has halted me, scared me, kept me from the life I want.

 How I deal with her I will let you know...or maybe I won't... then you will know she has won yet another battle!

There you stupid troll,  I posted a picture!

 Annette- 1.
 Nameless troll........too many to count!