Thursday, September 18, 2008

Weight for Me

So...... my good friend Liz has inspired me to start on a serious weight loss journey. Or should I say change of lifestyle. That has to be it! This is the end of unconscous eating. So far I have given up all diet coke except for 12 oz in the morning. I have been drinking about 72 oz of water a day. It is not as hard as I thought. I was sipping soda all day so I just replaced it with water. Lots of ice and I take it with me just like I used to take the DC. I just felt like I was slowly poisening myself with chemicals. I can't wait to be totally free, but for now moderation in all things. When ever I am stressed I just gulp some water. Granted the bathroom has become my friend, but I feel so much better, I can't believe it.
I am starting Leslie Samone "Walk Away the Pounds it is a 6 week program.
Wish me luck and maybe even join us. I will try to put a link to Liz.
Bummer of the day I tried to start an art blog and the name was already taken.
Oh her stuff is so cute though check it out. Plumtreestudio.blogspot
Ok what to name my studio......All who know me, any suggestions?

Friday, September 12, 2008

What is a Blog?

I thought I would start my blog with some musings on the meaning, or say, all the creative natures of a blog.

I looked up the word "blog" in the dictionary. It wasn't there! (Granted my dictionary is the one from Greg's college days. The American Heritage Dictionary copyright 1982.) It should be somewhere in there between "blocky" and "bloke". Guess what else is not in there "cell phone". Yes, the word "cellular" is in there, but is it all the about the scientific cell that all matter is made of.

I guess it is time to invest in a new dictionary.

This got me to thinking. Am I stuck in 1982. I think I was a few years ago. Still wearing the high waisted, narrow leg pants my girls would make fun of me in. (Hey wait I think they are back in style!) The hair and the puffy bangs. I hope with the help of 2 stylish daughters I am into the 21 century a little bit. Oh wait, we are 8 years into the 21 century! Oh well.

Back to my idea of a blog. I see many blogs as a persons' insights to life, creativity, and other personal journeys individuals take. I am not sure I can bear my soul as yet. To the relief and joy of my family.
I think this blog will be as many other I have seen, A small look into the many joys and activities of my family and friends. The daily, or probably weekly.......... ok maybe monthly posts, of the comings and going of the Greg and Annette Vernon Family.

I am thinking I need another blog for my art.

And why, oh why did I not learn to type better!!!