Monday, January 5, 2009

Holidays, Come and Gone

Wow seems like we were just eating turkey on Thanksgiving.
Keeping up on a blog may take a little more dicipline.

December was great! We planned a few activities for the family. It started with the cookie dough day. Alissa, Anna, Shantel and I made 4 different cookie doughs so that we could bake treats on a moments notice in the month of December. Later that night the boys showed up to sample and watch a game on TV. It was so fun to have a houseful.

The next week we went out to eat with Layna and the girls (Anna's sister and nieces) so cute!
And it was snowing and cold but we went to Temple square, Aggie had never been.

We had the usual parties Cox/Bowman party early in the month. And the Vernon Christmas eve party on the 23rd this year. Freeing up Christmas eve gave us the opportunity for just the 4 at home to go out and eat and rent a movie. I loved extending the holiday for 1 more day!

Oh I have my own studio space set up (Yippee) now that Anna and Bryce have moved into their own apartment. This happened at the end of November.

Well now on to the New Year!
More to come!